Employee Spotlight – Norma Jennings

Norma Jennings

The phone is ringing, a woman in a wheelchair sits in the doorway and needs help, and someone in another office is asking her for assistance. Few people could keep up this pace. The chaos could be overwhelming and impossible for the average soul. But not the case for Norma Jennings, aide extraordinaire and jack-of-all-trades. Norma is THE multi-tasker of North County Nursing and Rehabilitation. She wears many hats and does so with grace and compassion.

Norma is a lifelong resident of the area, active in church and adores her family more than life itself. She is one of “The Golden Girls” at church, and her love of God and family is evident every time she speaks.

Norma knows every resident here. She is a comfort and resource to everyone at our facility.  In her spare time, she camps and enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and of course, her family. She loves gardening, and she mows her own lawn, and is not one to sit idly by when there are things to be done.

Norma never has a bad day. If you ask her how she is doing, she is always quick to say how blessed and happy she is to be here. In today’s craziness and in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak, conditions for everyone have been, at the least, complicated and challenging. If you aren’t willing to embrace change daily, fix the broken and go with the flow, you are not going to make it. She is the piece to the puzzle that makes everything work.

Norma arrives early and takes care of/delegates issues that have arisen overnight. She answers questions that residents and employees alike throw at her. She answers the phone, which can be non-stop at times! She greets every spouse, son, daughter, brother, sister and friend with compassion and caring. It is a thing of beauty to hear her speak to each and every person that needs assistance. She’s been doing this for many decades. She rides to the hospital with a patient in distress via ambulance; she retrieves supplies; soothes the person with a problem; diffuses difficult situations; passes out batteries; runs errands; works on her day off to put together a parade for Mother’s Day; works on holidays to make sure everyone has time with their family; she selflessly gives of herself on a constant basis.

 North County is the cream of the crop. We love our residents, workers, volunteers, and most of all, we love our Norma. The crisis we are experiencing now will pass. We have had challenges, and like everything in this world, we will continue to have things happen beyond our control.  However, we will continue to have the wonderful services and dedication of her and the fact is, she makes our facility better by being part of the team. Thank Norma when you see her. She truly does practice what she preaches. Big things do come in small packages!