Caring for the Caregiver

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff Care for caregivers About 52 million people provide unpaid, informal care at home to a loved one aged 20 or older, although the number varies by study depending on the criteria used to define caregivers. Of those, 32 million—or 16 percent of the population—provide care for... Read More

Preventing Hypertension

It Takes a Village Take high blood pressure seriously By the North County Staff Chances are you know someone with high blood pressure, or hypertension, if you don’t have it yourself—it affects about one in four American adults. High blood pressure doesn’t sound very serious, but it can be a silent and deadly condition because... Read More

Choosing and using a walker

It Takes a Village Choosing and using a walker By the North County Staff Choosing and learning to use a walker can be surprisingly difficult, but if you have trouble balancing or are at risk of falling, using a walker, even if only temporarily, can save you a lengthy, painful rehabilitation from a fall. Walkers,... Read More

Post Hospitalization

It Takes a Village Come “home” after your hospital visit By the North County staff Nursing homes today offer so many more services than they have in years past—all kinds of physical, occupational, and speech therapy; gyms and exercise classes; social activities from one-on-one confidences to gala events; beauty salons; restorative nursing; respite care; and,... Read More

Heart Disease

It Takes a Village Preventing Heart Disease By the staff at North County Do you know what the leading cause of death is for both men and women? Heart disease. The number one culprit for causing hearse disease? Smoking. Tobacco smoke has nearly 5,000 chemicals in it, many of which can damage your heart and... Read More

When is it time to take the keys away?

It Takes a Village Talk it over: When elders can no longer drive safely By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County Americans value their freedom above all else. Maybe that’s one reason why it’s so difficult to bring ourselves to tell parents they are no longer safe on the road. While most of us likely imagine... Read More

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

It Takes a Village Be alert to signs of heat exhaustion, stroke in the elderly By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County The official start of summer will be June 21, but the summer heat has been going strong for some time in Oklahoma. As summer begins and the temperatures reach well above 90 degrees, the... Read More

Medicaid Planning

It Takes a Village Going on Medicaid doesn’t have to strip you of your legacy, if you plan By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County Nowadays, people can choose from a vast array of long term care options, from home care to long term acute care hospitals. Some of us will be able to get by... Read More

How to choose a Nursing Home

It Takes a Village Finding the right nursing home for your parent or loved one By Beth Chapman, administrator, North County Moving into the nicest, most well-managed nursing home can be a crisis for the person moving in and for the whole family. Magnify that by a hundred if the nursing home proves to not... Read More