Employee Spotlight – Norma Jennings

The phone is ringing, a woman in a wheelchair sits in the doorway and needs help, and someone in another office is asking her for assistance. Few people could keep up this pace. The chaos could be overwhelming and impossible for the average soul. But not the case for Norma Jennings, aide extraordinaire and jack-of-all-trades.... Read More

“Disney Dress Up Day” Fun Day

North County recently competed in a company wide fun day! “Disney Dress Up Day” was the theme. Their rendition of MOANA was beautifully crafted! We want to thank everyone for their creativity in this activity! North County walked away as the winning facility in this competition, they truly had the most unique costumes and characters... Read More

North County Nursing & Rehabilitation Earns 2016 Bronze National Quality Award

Collinsville, OK – North County Nursing and Rehabilitation has been recognized as a 2016 recipient of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award for its dedication to improving the lives of residents through quality care. The award is the first of three distinctions possible through the National Quality Award Program, presented by the American Health... Read More

Have chronic sleep problems checked out!

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff “It seems like the older I get the more lightly I sleep. “ “I never seem to sleep a night all the way through anymore!” Do you ever find yourself saying that, or notice your parents doing so? Most people would probably say, pshaw, it just... Read More

Four things to know now about your parent(s) finances

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff Many families that haven’t seen each other all year come together for the holidays. That makes the holidays a prime time to make sure Mom or Dad is doing okay on his or her own. One of the first signs that your parent(s) may need help... Read More

Make a world of difference this Christmas season

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff North County specializes in several areas of care, but two primary ones are: highly-trained rehabilitation therapists for those recovering from surgeries like hip replacements, and staff providing intriguing activities for those elderly who are active but too fragile to be in their own homes anymore. We... Read More

Importance of Having Visitors

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff Make a world of difference to someone: visit a nursing home resident My fellow nursing home administrators estimate as many as two-thirds of residents don’t receive regular visitors, according to Volunteers of America (, which has a program called Caring Companions that matches volunteer visitors with... Read More

Deep Vein Thrombosis

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff DVT: a preventable, treatable but potentially fatal condition We all need our blood to clot. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t stop bleeding when we get cut. But sometimes the body triggers the blood clotting process unnecessarily or excessively. Blood clots can also form when the blood’s... Read More

Thinking about home care?

It Takes a Village By the North County Staff Thinking about home care? So often, we are faced with a medical condition in ourselves or a loved one that requires skilled care—like the care a nurse or doctor provides. For some of us, those conditions are chronic and we need that skilled care often, even... Read More


By the North County Staff Be alert to the symptoms of diabetes Nearly 24 million people have diabetes in the U.S., according to the American Diabetes Association. That’s about 8 percent of the population. It’s even more prevalent among older adults: 23 percent of people over age 60 have diabetes. If you’re over 45, consider... Read More