“This facility literally changed the quality of life for my husband and me. He has advanced Parkinson’s with breathing problems. The rehab he received got him up and walking safely, speech went from whisper to where we can hear him. His legs were infected and swollen so bad and for the first time in years, I can see his legs and ankles. All the staff cares for patients with a loving, caring attitude and corrects what is needed and do so with dignity. They get five meals a day or are fed five times and can order something they want. He had a good time and worked hard. If you have need of a facility, I am a retired nurse and would highly recommend this place. Thanks for taking such loving care of my husband.”

~Charlene G.

“My mom moved into the assisted living facility. It broke my heart and hers that she could not stay at her home any longer. Any concerns we have had have been addressed immediately. The staff is great and the same faces are always there. I like that the facility is smaller. Thank you all for helping our family to adjust.”

~Judi F. S.

“My dad and I send our gratitude for the exceptional care that he received during his 60-day stay at North County Rapid Recovery Suites! After a year of neck and back surgery and on-and-off hospitalizations, Dad was discouraged and unsure what the future held for him. When he arrived at North County, he not only had not walked in some time, he was having difficulty sitting. The incredible staff, throughout our entire stay, were attentive, patient, encouraging and demonstrated, time after time, their commitment to get him back to walking, even when he didn’t believe it was possible.

There are many facilities that look nice, but it’s very hard to know the quality of care that you will receive, which was of utmost priority for me. I am writing this because ALL levels of your staff not only met, but by far exceeded, our expectations. Whenever we had a concern, we were listened to and action was taken immediately. Everyone made us feel assured that he was in excellent hands. I stayed day and night with him while he was hospitalized. After arrival at North County, I very quickly felt comfortable leaving him. I called all times during the night to check on him and was always connected with his nurse and given a detailed report.

The physical therapy staff worked hard to meet his specific needs. They worked with him throughout the day, pushing when he needed a little nudge and letting him rest when it was needed.

One of Dad’s nurses told him the first day that they would have him sitting up and walking soon. She told him it would be her honor to walk with him out the door when he was released. When that day came, she came in on her day off to keep her promise and walked Dad out. We were made to feel like family and this level of care is truly priceless. I haven’t named names because I didn’t want to leave anyone out because there were so many that were instrumental in Dad’s success.

Dad is now home and has returned to his normal activities. He’s walking, driving and mowing with his new and improved quality of life. It seems inadequate to say that his care was priceless but there is no amount of money that could have been spent to give us what we received from the fine folks at North County Nursing and Rehabilitation. We will be forever grateful for what you gave us!”

~Bob P. and Sonya D.