Medicaid Planning

It Takes a Village Going on Medicaid doesn’t have to strip you of your legacy, if you plan By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County Nowadays, people can choose from a vast array of long term care options, from home care to long term acute care hospitals. Some of us will be able to get by... Read More

How to choose a Nursing Home

It Takes a Village Finding the right nursing home for your parent or loved one By Beth Chapman, administrator, North County Moving into the nicest, most well-managed nursing home can be a crisis for the person moving in and for the whole family. Magnify that by a hundred if the nursing home proves to not... Read More

Rehabilitation Following Knee Surgery

It Takes a Village Putting off that knee replacement surgery will make rehabilitation longer, more difficult By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County Many times, people who have knee replacement surgeries don’t need inpatient rehabilitation if they’re young or in good physical condition prior to it. But for those who have multiple physical conditions that have... Read More


It Takes a Village Both men and women must protect themselves from osteoporosis By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County Women, especially, need to start right away to prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease that makes your bones full of little holes, like a sponge, and so thin and brittle that they break with even minor... Read More


It Takes a Village Friendship and love can flourish in a nursing home By Beth Chapman, Administrator, North County I was talking with one of our residents recently, Denise Young, and we fell into a discussion about the extraordinary and loving friendship she has developed with another resident, Morris Cochran. People tend to think of... Read More